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Here are a few things you need to look for should you want to outsource the service. With the rise of the eCommerce industry, there is also a strong demand for warehousing and distribution services. At Addicon Logistics, we store and distribute your products with the utmost care. Over the years, Addicon has been providing quality container haulage services to our clients in several regions in Asia. While there are other agencies and companies that offer the same services, our clients have stayed with us for a number of reasons. If you are looking for a company that could handle container loading and unloading, Addicon is one of the best choices.

logistics company reviews

A great company is proactive in finding the latest industry updates. They are always one of the first firms to get information.

Single Source Supply Chain Management

We understand that as business owners, you would also like to stretch your budget and save costs whenever possible. With our reasonable rates, you still get to enjoy outstanding services. What sets Addicon apart from its competitors is that we can serve a wide range of industries. We can handle the container loading and unloading requirements of FMCG, oil & gas, fashion, and even medical devices. Whatever package you need our company to handle, we can do it for you. Addicon offers other services, and if you want to learn more, feel free to reach out to us.

logistics company reviews

To date, we already established partnerships in 46 countries. Having said that, we believe that Addicon will continue to grow year after year. As we’ve mentioned, Addicon has been in the industry for multiple years.

Paige Logistics Canada Freight Shipping Services Excels At Intermodal & Trucking Services

For those who are unsure if they need to use a bonded warehousing facility, here are a few points to help you decide. At our company, we also believe that training our staff is one of the keys to ensure a safe working environment. They follow a strict protocol so that all the packages are well-organized. We maintain good working relationships with our customers. If you have concerns or feedback, our team will gladly assist you right away. Addicon’s warehouse facility is located in a highly accessible area that allows us to load and unload goods the fastest possible time.

  • We have the best professionals in the industry who are more than capable of giving the best recommendations on handling logistics.
  • When choosing your service provider, find a company that has a presence in different regions.
  • Addicon Logistics makes sure that your products are delivered on time.
  • No matter how big or small the package is, we make sure to handle it with utmost care.
  • Because of our presence in multiple countries, we can coordinate fast and it makes it easier to transport your goods.
  • My manager is a great resource to bounce ideas off of and he provides tremendous support in obtaining my goals.

Most Transportation and Logistics firms focus their efforts on providing outbound service. To date, CFM Logistics is the only Third Party Logistics group offering this complete uss express testimonials supply chain solution. A well run supply chain not only saves your company money, it decreases delivery times, improves customer service and creates logistic efficiencies.

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