But how do you prepare your ecommerce company for shipping to China?

Did your search for shipping companies in China did not end with the desired results? Every shipping company has its expertise in specific types of goods, whereas some of them are known for their handling of nature-sensitive goods too. There are chances that you had a bad experience previously with a freight partner and are now looking for a change. Do you have any specific requirements in mind, or you would like to consult an expert first? Whatever it is, we are sure that any of the following freight shipping companies in China will be able to resolve it to your satisfaction.

  • But how do you prepare your ecommerce company for shipping to China?
  • China is a giant country, and has provinces very far away from central Beijing.
  • All you need to do is choose a reputable forwarder and keep in touch with them throughout the shipping process.
  • Even the slightest of mismanagement can cause problems in storage and transit.
  • To determine a shipments import duty information, you first need to identify its product classification number.
  • The shipping time usually is in a range of 14 to 21 days to ship from Ningbo to Los Angeles.

Air freight shipping uses a different computation from sea freight shipping. It is best to think about container types and sizes when it comes to sea freight shipping. Unfortunately, there will always be other factors that may also affect the shipping rates and will have an impact to the overall costing. Until a few decades ago, air freight shipping from China to US was a lesser option due to restraints https://medium.com/@uss_express_reviews in the capacity and safety factors. In 2016 alone, airlines all over the world transported 52 million metric tons of goods —about 35% of the total global trade value. In order to fully utilize the space of a container, pallet is commonly used to stack the cartons or parcels of merchandises. In ocean freight shipping, your pallets should ideally pack tightly into your shipping container.

Us Carriers Who Ship To China

These are taxes dictated by the government of the destination country and they’ll be determined by the value of your goods. Costs vary depending on the outbound port and the inbound destination for delivery. UPS also offers supply chain and logistics solutions for distributors. You can contact them directly at DHL China to get quotes for all of your shipping and express needs. The postal systems from China are very reliable these days and you can feel secure sending your things through traditional channels as well as registered mail.

Ship24 does not handle the shipping process, which is done by our logistics partners. Head on over to the Ship24 website and begin by following the three easy steps to send ems shipping time china to usa your package from China to the USA. Please note that this service is only for those who are already in China and package shipping cannot be booked from outside China.

Sea Freight, Qatar Navigation Shipping From Shekou, Shenzhen China To Mundra, India

For those interested in using a courier company and want to decrease the shipping from China to US cost, we suggest using a freight forwarder that offers discounts. When dealing with freight forwarders in China, make sure they can arrange the processing of export clearance document. Coordinate http://www.logisticsinc.com/ with a freight forwarder and inform him about your freight weight. The freight forwarder will check if there will be additional charges after liaising with the carrier. This is helpful especially for regular international traders as the shipping from China to US cost is determined much sooner.

best shipping services from china to usa

Do you have any knowledge of the regulations of material transport between China and the United States? Getting familiar with logistics and transporting routes is hectic, especially for a first-time transporter. Therefore, you must acquire a service that guides you towards all the processes involved in the logistical process of shipment. You can also track your cargo’s movement when shipping by sea and standard air freight. Incoterms are formal agreements between the supplier and buyer, specifying who is responsible for loading, shipping, delivery, offloading, and customs clearance.

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