Our coaches are nothing short of the absolute best!

and these are sports they excel in.


Football stretches far beyond the regular activities that other academies conduct under the pretext of training, at Personifiers we don’t just stop with the physical aspects of training.

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Yoga is not just an exercise, it is way of life, and we here at personifiers take mental health as seriously as we do with the physical aspect of things.

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Loving this sport in India should not come in as a shock to anyone as nearly a billion Indians absolutely would do anything to peacefully watch their nation overdeliver!

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Adventure Sports

A perfect pathway to ideal decision follows through after an exceptional session of adrenalin rush, and that is exactly where our beloved sports pitches in.

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Chess is like a brain tone that promotes attention, patience, perseverance, creativity, and intuition, and if these elements don't make you sign up for the sport I don't know what will.

Table Tennis

What is life without top-spin, and especially in the days when Indian superstars tear through their oppositions in the Olympics, it is about time, we start preparing the next-gen!

Talent Management

For a new one to hit the ground running, they need to be in the protective and caring wing of a well-experienced manager and that is exactly what we take care of.


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How People Feel About Us

I joined Personifiers during their summer camp held in May, 2018 and never have I ever seen so
much hard work, passion, and quality anywhere else. Most of the times when many players are present in any other camp, every single one of them isn’t given attention, but no, here they make sure everyone gets personal and team coaching throughout. The coaches Ameya Argade, Manish Gaikwad, Mihir Gurjar, Vineet Dhore just aren’t coaches but also friends. Due to this the chemistry between the coaches and the players is phenomenal which makes it a better experience. Every single day when they step on the ground the passion and energy is out of the world. The quality of coaching is also on another level, they train the players on a small ground but win against good teams like SKF and Pune City FC. I have played in the United States but personally if you ask me if I want to play there or continue playing with these coaches I would prefer staying here. To conclude, the amount of hard work, passion, creativity, and friendliness of every single coach makes the experience playing of playing with them truly amazing.

Vedansh Player

Personifiers have been conducting after school Football coaching as part of our Hobby classes at Pawar Public School, Nanded City Pune. Besides training the students, they have also organized several friendly matches followed by a summer camp in the year 2018. In fact these outbound matches , and a few home ones were well taken by the students and helped them to develop a competitive spirit, besides enjoying the game. The students would look forward to participation . The coaches were professional and explained the nuances of the game. Videos of the game were also shown so the students understood the techniques properly , before implementing on the field.
Team Personifiers personnel also took good care of the students so parents were not worried about the safety of the children.

Anjali Gurjar Principal, Pawar Public School

I have been playing football for almost 10 years now, but I believe in all those years PERSONIFIERS is a place where I have understood football much better than elsewhere. I came to know about it through an lnstagram story that my friend uploaded and as it was a summer camp,Idecided to give a try. After arriving at the camp,Irealised thatit had much more to offer than I imagined. There training methods were something different and challenging than I had ever done before. The mistakes that Imade were clearly analysed,my traits about the game and my position were polished even more and we were always pushed to exceed our limita tionat eachpoint,may it be dribbling,shooting,passing, heading etc. Not only on the pitch but also off the pitch the coaches supported us, both mentally and physically.

Rakesh Senapati Student

For me personifires has been the best club I have played for. More than five professional coaches to teach. Personifires was a thirty days camp. I was the part of this camp for four years and every year there was new to learn. It was a perfect start for the day. Personifires as a club was much more than I cloud ask for and I wish to play for it again. A big-big thanks to Ameya sir who made it all happen!!

Vallabh Badhe Student

I have been with Personifiers since 2017 and my experience so far has been amazing. The club environment is healthy and competitive. The coaches are excellent because of the way they conduct the sessions and teach all the players the philosophy and methodology of football in an interesting way which is easy to understand. By every passing year there have been updations in every department such as fitness, technical and tactical aspects of the game and the facilities. One of the good things is the match experience that everyone gets which is the best platform to implement your technical and tactical skills. And last but not the least is that everyone in the club gets rewarded through medals, certificates,awards and an unforgettable experience for their efforts which inspires you to be better than yesterday. It's been an honour and pleasure to be a part of this wonderful club for such a long period of time.

Onkar Chorghe Student

Our Footballing Gurus

Mr. Ameya Argade and Manish Gaikwad are masterminds of their respective fields, they are what you call a monster at what they do, and if I start typing the exceptional achievements and certificates of Ameya even the HTML code would run into oblivion.

Our Expert Tutors

Our tutors are real people and they believe in real relations and that is why you can rely on them for help 24/7.

Certified Teachers

AIFF, AFC, FC, UEFA, you name it and we got it, our teachers are well certified and ready to help you hit that sweet spot!

Our Strategic Partners

Our Team

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What is the role of the coach in my child's learning?

Our coach will get to know your child as an individual and play a vital role in boosting your child’s confidence and motivation for learning. Your child will receive individual support to overcome challenges.

What feedback will I get about my child's progress?

We will prepare a detailed report regarding the progress of your kids sporting abilities at the end of every month we will have a sit-in and discuss it at length.

What age range is Personifiers suitable for?

We have multiple age groups operational at any point in time, but to be more specific these are the ones that get the most traction.

  • Under 13
  • Under 15
  • Under 17
  • Under 19

How Many Students Will be Enrolled Per Batch

We understand the importance of individual attention for metoric growth and therefore we restrict batch size between 15-20 depending on the age group.

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